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전체어법 [덩어리_형전] [5형식_동명동] [병렬_앤부동원] [부사절_그래서_소댓] [소댓] [주의_매니오] [5형식_동명투] [5형식_동명투] [긴동사_능동_햅빈잉] [병렬_콤앤드] [과거완료_핻이디] [분사태_감정] [과거완료_핻이디] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [분사태_감정] [도치_처럼_에스이즈] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [가정법] [투부정사_확장판_투부동] [시제다름] [병렬_콤앤드] [덩어리_부전] [덩어리_부전] [도치_처럼_에스이즈] [덩어리_형전] [긴동사_수동_햅빈피] [덩어리_전부잉] [병렬_콤앤드] [댓생략_전명(댓)더] [수동태_뒷구조주의_비피투] [5형식_동명동] [특명] [댓생략_전명(댓)더] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [관계사계속적_콤위치] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [분사태_감정] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [분사_동명사_더잉] [형용사_일까_부사일까_애형애] [분사_전피] [관계부사_전접] [애즈서치_그것으로서] [병렬_콤앤드] [특이함_동콤] [가정법] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [도치_리틀두유럽미] [병렬_콤앤드] [댓생략_전명(댓)더] [특이함_동콤] [의미주의_하이] [병렬_콤앤드] [어순주의_접xsv] [병렬_콤앤드] [수동분사_더피] [가주진주_잇투] [아마5형식_잇형] [도치_처럼_에스이즈] [수일치_원오복단] [수일치_원오복단] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [덩어리_형전] [긴동사_수동_햅빈피] [긴동사_수동_햅빈피] [수동분사_더피] [수동태_뒷구조주의_비피투] [삽입_앤콤] [원오복단] [수일치_원오복단] [분사_동명사_더잉] [관계사계속적_콤후즈] [분사구_수동_피전] [분사구문_콤피전] [병렬_콤앤드] [투부정사_수동_투비피] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [수일치_더넘오복단] [1형식_동전] [특형] [분사_동명사_더잉] [덩어리_동부전] [수동분사_더피] [관계부사_전접] [원오복단] [분사구문_능수동_위드명잉] [이상함_전끝] [수동분사_더피] [1형식_동전] [가정법] [수일치_더넘오복단] [병렬_콤앤드] [덩어리_형전] [부사절엔미래가안됨_이프윌] [덩어리_비형옵] [동격댓_완전] [덩어리_형전] [시제다름] [부사절엔미래가안됨_이프윌] [분사구문_능수동_위드명잉] [부사절_혹은_관계사계속적_콤왠] [수일치_더넘오복단] [병렬_콤앤드] [병렬_앤비] [[수일치_더넘오복단] [수동태_뒷구조주의_비피댓] [수일치_원오복단] [부사절축약_주비생략_부접잉] [분사_동명사_더잉] [원오복단] [긴동사_수동_비빙피] [분사구_수동_혹은_전명구_빙이디] [덩어리_형전] [주의_콤댓] [5형식_동명동] [분사구문_능수동_위드명잉] [병렬_콤앤드] [가정법] [수동태_뒷구조주의_비피투] [병렬_콤앤드] [댓생략_전명(댓)더] [2형식_수동분사_동사동이디] [병렬_콤앤드] [댓생략_전명(댓)더] [댓생략_더명(댓)더] [전명구_불완전_전왓] [수동태_뒷구조주의_비피투] [병렬_앤투] [콤잉-분사구문] [수일치_이치오복] [병렬_콤앤드] [부사절엔미래가안됨_이프윌] [분사_동명사_더잉] [시제다름] [병렬_콤앤드] [댓생략_전명(댓)더] [원오복단] [대명사수일치_도우즈전] [동격댓_완전] [분사_전피] [덩어리_전부잉] [주의_콤댓] [중에서_비어몽] [분사_동명사_더잉] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [도치_처럼_에스이즈] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [가주진주_잇투] [관계부사_전접] [관계부사_전접] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [4형식수동태_비톨댓] [수일치_이치오복] [덩어리_형전] [댓생략_전명(댓)대] [부사절_혹은_관계사계속적_콤왠] [부사절축약_주비생략_부접잉] [관계사계속적_콤위치] [콤잉-분사구문] [병렬_앤투] [논리충돌_어민스] [가정법] [주의_조동사-부사-동원_조라잌] [덩어리_형전] [4형식_텔미댓] [특전] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [댓생략_전명(댓)대] [이상함_더블에스] [관계부사_전접] [5형식_동명투] [어순주의_접xsv] [조해피_뜻주의] [도치_리틀두유럽미] [동격댓_완전] [서브젝투] [관계부사_전접] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [병렬_콤앤드] [콤명접_주전or동격] [긴전2] [덩어리_형전] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [수동태_뒷구조주의_비피투] [먼동사_수일치_콤비] [덩어리_형전] [분사_동명사_더잉] [분사_동명사_더잉] [덩어리_형전] [부사절축약_주비생략_애즈이디] [관계사계속적_콤위치] [특전] [먼동사_수일치_콤햅] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [덩어리_비형전] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [부사절축약_주비생략_부접잉] [긴동사_수동_햅빈피] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [주의_리치투x] [덩어리_형전] [비교급_병렬_댄전] [관계부사_전접] [분사_동명사_더잉] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [병렬_콤앤드] [동격댓_완전] [긴부접] [덩어리_형전] [투부정사_수동_투비피] [덩어리_부전] [전명구_불완전_전왓] [과거완료_핻피] [부사절축약_주비생략_부접잉] [분사_동명사_더잉] [병렬_콤앤드] [댓생략_전명(댓)대] [전명구_불완전_전왓] [덩어리_부전] [분사_동명사_더잉] [분사_동명사_더잉] [도치_처럼_에스이즈] [부사절축약_주비생략_부접잉] [5형식_동명동] [덩어리_이상함_전전] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [이상함_더블에스] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [특전] [콤잉-분사구문] [5형식_동명잉] [분사_동명사_더잉] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [덩어리_부전] [5형식_동명잉] [2형식_수동분사_필피] [덩어리_부전] [분사_동명사_더명잉]
전체어법uni [1형식_동전] [2형식_수동분사_동사동이디] [2형식_수동분사_필피] [4형식_텔미댓] [4형식수동태_비톨댓] [5형식_동명동] [5형식_동명잉] [5형식_동명투] [[수일치_더넘오복단] [가정법] [가주진주_강조_잇댓] [가주진주_잇투] [과거완료_핻이디] [과거완료_핻피] [관계부사_전접] [관계사계속적_콤위치] [관계사계속적_콤후즈] [긴동사_능동_햅빈잉] [긴동사_수동_비빙피] [긴동사_수동_햅빈피] [긴부접] [긴전2] [논리충돌_어민스] [대명사수일치_도우즈전] [댓생략_더명(댓)대] [댓생략_더명(댓)더] [댓생략_전명(댓)대] [댓생략_전명(댓)더] [덩어리_동부전] [덩어리_부전] [덩어리_비형옵] [덩어리_비형전] [덩어리_이상함_전전] [덩어리_전부잉] [덩어리_형전] [도치_리틀두유럽미] [도치_처럼_에스이즈] [동격댓_완전] [먼동사_수일치_콤비] [먼동사_수일치_콤햅] [병렬_앤부동원] [병렬_앤비] [병렬_앤투] [병렬_콤앤드] [부사절_그래서_소댓] [부사절_혹은_관계사계속적_콤왠] [부사절엔미래가안됨_이프윌] [부사절축약_주비생략_부접잉] [부사절축약_주비생략_애즈이디] [분사_동명사_더명잉] [분사_동명사_더잉] [분사_전피] [분사구_수동_피전] [분사구_수동_혹은_전명구_빙이디] [분사구문_능수동_위드명잉] [분사구문_콤피전] [분사태_감정] [비교급_병렬_댄전] [삽입_앤콤] [서브젝투] [소댓] [수동분사_더피] [수동태_뒷구조주의_비피댓] [수동태_뒷구조주의_비피투] [수일치_더넘오복단] [수일치_원오복단] [수일치_이치오복] [시제다름] [아마5형식_잇형] [애즈서치_그것으로서] [어순주의_접xsv] [원오복단] [의미주의_하이] [이상함_더블에스] [이상함_전끝] [전명구_불완전_전왓] [조해피_뜻주의] [주의_리치투x] [주의_매니오] [주의_조동사-부사-동원_조라잌] [주의_콤댓] [중에서_비어몽] [콤명접_주전or동격] [콤잉-분사구문] [투부정사_수동_투비피] [투부정사_확장판_투부동] [특명] [특이함_동콤] [특전] [특형] [형용사_일까_부사일까_애형애]
전체연결어 However however But In fact But however thus therefore Thus However therefore But However for instance For example For example But however for instance Furthermore however However Thus however Thus Still Moreover for instance However

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