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67.0 E1SH 5-6

the terrible outcome of the potato disease in Europe, was perhaps less important in the potato's history than the Colorado potato beetle was in North America. There it attacked potatoes and spread quickly when potatoes were to other parts of the country on trains and steamships. Until that, time, American farmers a few varieties of potatoes, and the potatoes that they planted were extremely vulnerable to the pest. After a series of desperate attempts, one man eventually found that Paris green, a toxic chemical for making green paint, killed the beetles. Chemists saw what the farmers were doing and to try Paris green on other pests. Scientists began to do research and chemicals and substances that were effective for many different agricultural problems.

① 특전 Despite ② 콤잇 it ③ 비피투 shipped ④ 핻-피 had only planted ⑤ 피전 used ⑥ 앤피 decided ⑦ 앤동원 discover

64.6 RPW 1-ex1

The extraordinary expansion of food production by aquafarming has come with costs to the environment and human health. As with agriculture, most commercial aquafarming relies on energy and chemical inputs, antibiotics and artificial feeds made from the wastes of poultry . Such production practices tend to concentrate toxins in fish, a potential health threat to consumers. The discharge from fish farms, can be equivalent the sewage from a small city, can pollute nearby natural aquatic ecosystems. Around the tropics, especially tropical Asia, the expansion of commercial shrimp farms is contributing to the loss of biodiverse coastal mangrove forests.

① 하이 high ② 전피 industrialized ③ 하이 high ④ 콤잉 including ⑤ 잉끝 processing ⑥ 전피 farmed ⑦ 콤잉 creating ⑧ 콤위치 which ⑨ 비형투 to ⑩ 하이 highly

51.9 RPW 12-3

The well-known problem of test anxiety illustrates arousal can hurt performance. them are probably the truth. Researchers have found a negative correlation between anxiety and exam performance. That , students who display test anxiety tend to score low on exams. Test anxiety can test taking in several ways, but one critical consideration appears to be the disruption of attention to the test. Many test-anxious students waste too much time about how they're doing and wondering whether others are having similar problems. In addition, there is evidence test anxiety may deplete one's capacity for self-control, the likelihood of poor performance.

① 접xsv how ② 접xsv emotional ③ 매니오 Many of ④ 잉어 telling ⑤ 전피 test-related ⑥ 동콤 is ⑦ 하이 high ⑧ 동전 interfere with ⑨ 웨시잉 worrying ⑩ 동격댓 that ⑪ 잉어 increasing

50.4 RPW 1-2

If your spouse is feeling ignored and , an affable, "Do you want, dear," may only make things worse. An exclusive reliance on cold rationality as of understanding the world denies us access to important realms of human experience, we may be unable to deal with a difference effectively. Emotions give us clues about how we and what we need. An ignored and unappreciated husband may be less in need of an explanation of why he feels that way than a weekend with his wife work and children.

① 앤피 unappreciated ② 에버 whatever ③ 논리충돌 a means ④ 전접 without which ⑤ 비빙피 are being treated ⑥ 댄전 of ⑦ 부전 away from

50.0 E1SH 6-1

Why Sinkholes Open Up Florida Sinkhole Swallowed a Man. When Jeff Bush, a 37-year-old Florida man, screamed help, his brother Jeremy ran into Jeff's bedroom. that Jeff and all his furnishings into the earth, Jeremy desperately tried to rescue him. He didn't stop until the police . I tried everything I could, but I couldn't get him out," Jeremy . It was a sinkhole instantly pulled Jeff into the earth. A sinkhole is a hole that opens the ground caused by a collapse of the land surface. Sinkholes size from 1 to 600 meters deep. Some sinkholes are large enough swallow entire buildings. Sinkholes have been a long time. It is said the ancient Maya believed sinkholes were passageways to the world of the dead.

① 더잉 Sleeping ② 부전 out for ③ 첫잉 Seeing ④ 핻피 had vanished ⑤ 이디끝 arrived ⑥ 대-대 that ⑦ 이디끝 cried ⑧ 잇댓 that ⑨ 부전 up in ⑩ 동전 vary in ⑪ 이넙투 to ⑫ 전전 around for ⑬ 비피댓 that

49.0 RPW 1-ex2

Therefore, it may not help you and digest what you're reading at your own appropriate pace, and it may even distract you.

① 동명동 understand

43.3 E1SH 6-6

Recently, many sinkholes have opened urban areas around the world, sometimes tragic accidents. In 2010, in Guatemala City, an area approximately 20 meters wide and 30 meters deep collapsed, a three story factory and killing 15 people. The sinkhole was caused by the increase of surface water tropical storm Agatha and leakage from a local waste water pipe. Generally speaking, naturally occurring sinkholes cannot be . However, if you an area where sinkholes have happened , possible warnings, such as leaning trees, doors or windows that don't close properly, or rainwater collecting in unusual spots. Sinkholes caused by human carelessness can often be . Thorough soil testing construction and maintaining the underground water and plumbing systems are the best ways to prevent the formation of a sinkhole in the middle of a city.

① 부전 up in ② 동전 resulting in ③ 콤잉 swallowing ④ 긴전2 due to ⑤ 이디끝 prevented ⑥ 동전 live in ⑦ 전콤 before ⑧ 콤동 look ⑨ 전전 around for ⑩ 이디끝 prevented ⑪ 긴전2 prior to

39.8 RPW 12-4

Recently, however, new varieties of both crops that can be grown in full sun. Because more coffee or cocoa trees can be crowded into these fields, and they get more solar energy than a shaded plantation, for sun-grown crops are higher. Shade-grown coffee and cocoa generally require pesticides because the birds and insects residing in the forest canopy eat the pests.

① 햅빈피 have been developed ② 댄전 in ③ 콤동s yields ④ 특형 fewer ⑤ 매니오 many of

39.7 RPW 7-2

The Texas Honors Leadership Program is a summer program at Lamar University in Beaumont that provides innovative academics for adolescents. The 3-week program offers courses not usually provided in school that emphasize hands-on activities designed to help students their leadership and ethical decision-making skills. Students actively participate in cognitively tasks that build on their ability to think, , and success.

① 전피 gifted ② 하이 high ③ 동명동 develop ④ 전부잉 challenging ⑤ 콤동 reflect ⑥ 앤동원 experience

38.6 E1SH 6-3

Sinkholes typically areas where the rock beneath the surface soil is limestone, carbonate rock, sandstone, or some other soft rock that is easily worn water. When rainwater seeps surface soil, eventually reaches bedrock below. Slowly and continually, sometimes taking hundreds or thousands of years, the water erodes small parts of the rock, cracks underground. As the space becomes too large to support the soil above, collapses, and a hole opens the surface.

① 동전 occur in ② 부전 away by ③ 부전 down through ④ 콤잇 it ⑤ 리치투x X ⑥ 콤잉 creating ⑦ 콤잇 it ⑧ 부전 up on

37.9 RPW 12-ex2

If you ask someone three sports, most likely he or she will be able to answer with ease. After all, nearly everyone has an idea about types of activities are regarded as sports and which are not. Most of us think we know what sports . However, the line drawn between examples of sports, leisure, and is not always clear. In fact, a definition that establishes clear and parameters around types of activities should be included and is relatively difficult to .

① 동명투 to name ② 전왓 what ③ 동끝 are ④ 앤동원 play ⑤ 잉어 devising ⑥ 앤동원 clean ⑦ 전왓 what ⑧ 앤피 excluded ⑨ 동끝 do

35.7 RPW 9-4

It is sometimes said, these days, while "global warming" is a threat to most peoples and societies on this planet, there will be winners as well as losers. The winners might include those , cold regions where warmth will shorten winters and brighten summers. But Russia's hopes were damaged by happened in 2010, when forest fires during searing summer heat destroyed whole villages, more than 50 people, left thousands homeless and the capital, Moscow, in a poisonous smog.

① 잇댓 that ② 동전 living in ③ 하이 high ④ 전왓 what ⑤ 콤피 killed ⑥ 앤피 enveloped

35.2 E1SH 5-5

It was much more . Because the people of Ireland were excessively dependent upon the potato for food, when a potato disease hit Europe in 1845, led to a disastrous situation. By 1852, more than one million Irish people, about 20 percent of the population, to death, while another two million people Ireland, and almost three-quarters of them to the United States.

① 이디끝 complicated ② 콤잇 it ③ 핻피 had starved ④ 핻피 had fled ⑤ 핻피 had migrated

33.1 E1SH 6-5

When this happens, the space that was once supported by the water may become weaker and . A sudden heavy rain can add dramatically to the weight of the surface soil, it too heavy for the space beneath to bear. Most sinkholes we are seeing these days are indirectly human activities, such as drilling, , or construction. They may also occur water pipes, heavy weight on soft soil, and the removal of groundwater. Collapses from these man-made causes can have especially effects because they often the middle of a street or in housing areas.

① 앤동원 collapse ② 콤잉 making ③ 동전 related to ④ 콤잉 mining ⑤ 긴전2 because of ⑥ 전피 broken ⑦ 동부형 dramatic ⑧ 동전 occur in

32.1 RPW 2-3

The average person's belief about themselves , in general, . A large majority of the public believe that they are more intelligent and , better describers and less prejudiced than the average person. This is as true of the general public as it university students and their professors. This set of beliefs is known as the 'Lake Wobegon' effect, after a fictional community in the stories by Garrison Keillor, all the children are above average. Again, a survey of school seniors in the USA found that 70 percent thought they had above-average leadership qualities and only 2 percent believed they were below the average.

① 동콤 is ② 콤잉 flattering ③ 앤피 fair-minded ④ 비옵 is of ⑤ 콤웨어 where ⑥ 하이 high

31.7 RPW 2-2

Children's librarians frequently do not get in the budget process. In many smaller libraries, they are just informed of the amount they have to spend in the year. However, it is the responsibility of the children's librarian to inform the administration early in the budget process of needs for the next year, a justification of why the funds are needed. If the budget for the previous year was inadequate, why additional funds are needed. specific about areas of the collection which are dated and worn is more likely to bring results than a general statement that more money is needed. the materials budget request in writing so the director or principal has it for budget preparation.

① 피전 involved ② 더명-대 that ③ 더잉 coming ④ 콤잉 including ⑤ 콤동 explain ⑥ 첫잉 Being ⑦ 첫동 Put ⑧ 잇형 available

30.7 RPW 9-ex2

Life is a act, and so is our sense of morality. Maybe you know you should be recycling but just never get around to up your glass, paper, and plastics in time for the truck. One day you happen to be walking through a hardware store and notice a rack of energy-efficient light bulbs, and you instantly decide to buy twenty of them and out every bulb in your house. The moral deficiency (not recycling) , in your view, balanced by a moral action (installing energy-efficient bulbs).

① 더잉 balancing ② 투잉 gathering ③ 더잉 recycling ④ 앤동원 change ⑤ 동콤 is

28.5 E1SH 6-2

Some notable sinkholes include Sima Humboldt in Venezuela, is 314 meters deep and Xiaozhai Tiankeng in China, 662 meters deep and 626 meters wide. Underwater sinkholes blue$ holes.

① 콤위치 which ② 비피형 are called

26.5 RPW 1-3

The artist is the master of his universe, often choosing his own themes, colors, , materials, and images. The art therapist encourages individuals judge themselves and their work flow. The concept, we are to experiment and mistakes, crucial in the development of self-esteem. When individuals acknowledge that they don't have to be perfect, they are better able to accept their flaws and "themselves as a whole." They are often able to identify and on strengths weaknesses.

① 콤동s shapes ② 낫투 not to ③ 앤투 to let ④ 콤댓 that ⑤ 비피투 allowed ⑥ 앤동원 make ⑦ 콤비 is ⑧ 대피 perceived ⑨ 앤동원 focus ⑩ 긴전2 instead of

26.2 E1SH 5-3

well in much of Europe, but they were also very nutritious. Once Europeans began to grow potatoes, their food supplies doubled in quantity and dramatically in quality. Europe, potatoes quickly became the main source of nutrition for the majority of common people. By the end of the 18th century, potatoes over most European farms, and famine a rare and unusual incident.

① 낫온리_두유럽미 Not only did potatoes grow ② 앤피 increased ③ 특전 Throughout ④ 핻피 had taken ⑤ 핻피 had become

26.1 E1SH 6-7

They are very . As our population grows and we develop in areas where sinkholes are common, we seem to be seeing more sinkholes and more stories about humans / by them. If we look for ways to detect and sinkholes, may be easier to rescue another Jeff from a sinkhole somewhere else in the world.

① 이디끝 localized ② 빙피 having affected ③ 해빙피 being affected ④ 앤동원 prevent ⑤ 콤잇 it

24.2 E1SH 5-2

The potato has become such an important part of Western food culture that it is hard to believe it has had such a relatively short history in Europe. The potato by South American Indians in the Andes Mountains for nearly 10,000 years, but it was only 500 years ago when the Europeans learned about this vegetable and it to their homelands. For this reason, potatoes were most often to animals, while people ate them only when there was nothing else to eat.

① 잇댓 that ② 햅빈피 has been grown ③ 앤피 brought ④ 비피투 given

24.0 RPW 9-ex1

You can actually become your own cheerleader by talking to yourself positively and then acting as if you were already the person that you wanted to . as though you trying the role of a positive, cheerful, happy, and likable person. , talk, and act as if you were already that person. everyone you meet as though you just won an award for being the very best person in your industry or as though you just won the lottery. You will be at how much better you feel about yourself after just a few minutes of .

① 동끝 be ② 첫동 Act ③ 가정법 were ④ 부전 out for ⑤ 첫동 Walk ⑥ 첫동 Treat ⑦ 가정법 had ⑧ 가정법 had ⑨ 감정분사 amazed ⑩ 잉끝 pretending

24.0 RPW 12-ex1

One line of research suggests that how often you go over material is less critical than the depth of processing that you engage . Thus, if you expect to remember what you read, you have to wrestle fully with its . Many students could probably benefit if they spent less time on rote repetition and more on actually attention to and analyzing the meaning of their reading assignments. When you read your textbooks, try to relate information to your own life and . For example, if you're reading in your psychology text about the personality trait of confidence, you can think people you know who are particularly confident and why you would characterize them as that way.

① 전끝 in ② 잉끝 meaning ③ 전부잉 paying ④ 앤동원 experience ⑤ 전접 about which ⑥ 부접잉 being

23.0 RPW 9-3

According to Henry Petroski, real knowledge from real failure is the most powerful source of progress we , provided we have the courage to carefully examine what . Perhaps this is why the Boeing Company, one of the largest airplane design and engineering firms in the world, a black book of lessons it has learned from design and engineering failures! Boeing has kept this document since the company was formed, and it uses it to help modern designers from past attempts. Any organization that manages to do this not only increases its chances for successful projects, but also an environment that can discuss and failure openly, denying and hiding from it.

① 동콤 have ② 이디끝 happened ③ 콤동s keeps ④ 동명동 learn ⑤ 헲(to)동 helps create ⑥ 앤동원 confront ⑦ 긴전2 instead of

21.9 E1SH 5-4

the fact the potato was inexpensive and nutritious, many Europeans escaped famines, and the populations in European nations increased rapidly during the 19th century. It was easier to grow potatoes than many other crops, so people were needed for . People who, no longer worked on farms came to the cities and became factory workers, new manufacturing industries to grow more quickly. With the larger populations and more advanced technologies, European nations became powerful enough venture into other parts of the world and colonize them.

① 긴전2 Thanks to ② 동격댓 that ③ 특형 fewer ④ 잉끝 farming ⑤ 콤잉 enabling ⑥ 이넙투 to

21.6 RPW 2-ex2

back to when you were a kid. How did using your imagination make you ? imaginative gives us feelings of happiness and adds excitement to our lives. You can use your imagination to write books or something. There is no end to you can be when you move into your imagination. It will also keep you on completing the tasks at hand because imagination makes everyday tasks more .

① 첫동 Think ② 동명동 feel ③ 첫잉 Being ④ 앤동원 invent ⑤ 접xsv how ⑥ 접xsv creative ⑦ 동명피 focused ⑧ 잉끝 interesting

21.1 RPW 2-ex1

Animals including humans cannot live without knowing what is useful to them and what is needed for their survival: where to find food, how to avoid predators, to find mates, etc. However, the human species differs from other animals because we thirst for knowledge that reaches our personal needs. We wonder about our surroundings and about we observe both near and far and we want to understand it all. This sense of wonder and desire for understanding not only makes us human, but also one of the foundation stones of civilization.

① 콤웨어 where ② 리치투x X ③ 부전 far beyond ④ 전왓 what ⑤ 앤비 is

20.5 RPW 7-ex1

During Zookeeper Experience, you will learn what it takes to work in an animal care career, in the activities:. Helping to and care for animals. Zoo admission is . WHAT TO BRING: A water bottle and your camera — Photo opportunities are .

① 콤잉 participating ② 더잉 following ③ 동명동 weigh ④ 이디끝 included ⑤ 이디끝 provided

16.7 E1SH 5-1

French fries, are often served with fast foods, one of the best known American side dishes. It is said Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, tasted these potatoes in France and the recipe home to America. French fries, the French have traditionally enjoyed potatoes with chicken for their Sunday lunch.

① 콤위치 which ② 콤비 are ③ 비피댓 that ④ 대피 fried ⑤ 앤피 brought ⑥ 긴전2 Instead of ⑦ 이디이디야 roasted

16.3 E1SH 5-7

It then went on to prepare the ground for the Industrial Revolution, the rise of the European empires, and new techniques in . As a result, this simple vegetable, was once unwanted and to be ugly, shaped the modern world as we know it.

① 잉끝 farming ② 콤위치 which ③ 앤피 thought ④ 콤햅 has

13.9 E1SH 6-4

The soil above the cracks is washed into the cracks, a space in the soil. As the space cannot support the soil above, collapses, and a hole opens up.

① 콤잉 creating ② 콤잇 it

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