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[As] the novelist Aldous Huxley noted after paying him an office visit, Eliot was "the most bank-clerky of all bank clerks.
[As] Polaroid founder Edwin Land remarked, "No person could possibly be original in one area unless he were possessed of the emotional and social stability that comes from fixed attitudes in all areas other than the one in which he is being original."
Recall that Australia was colonized 45,000 years ago by pioneers spreading east from Africa along the shore of Asia.
[As] an American writer once put it, we may want to live less 'thickly' and wait for more infrequent but meaningful face-to-face encounters.
[As] we put in our many hours of typing ― with all fingers or just thumbs ― we may discover that we miss the human voice.
[As] real estate prices rose, many of their neighbors sold their homes and lots.
[As] my dad said, "Everyone was happy and content.
The percentage of immigrant population born in South/East Asia increased to 26% in 2013, which was more than six times that of 1960.
[As] the couple wheeled her up to the counter, the college student turned her head toward the girl and gave her a wink.
[As] she took the money from the child's grandparents, she looked back at the girl, who gave her a beaming smile.
[As] some observers would come to see it, the rectangular grid system caused as much harm as it did good.
Assuming it takes only three seconds for a person to look at an image and decide whether to preserve it or not, and that she values her own time at a current average wage, the "cost" of the time alone that it takes to decide exceeds the cost of storage.
[As] Angela described her situation, Julia noted that there was little enthusiasm in her voice.
[As] she talked about her acting experiences, she spoke enthusiastically and Julia felt it was like watching an entirely different person.
We hope you enjoyed your recent stay with Youth Hostels Association.
[As] I turned my head, I caught a glimpse of a brown and gray curled creature.
[As] we reached a safe distance, my heart rate began to slow to its regular rhythm.
[As] soon as the clock stops, on the other hand, the pieces virtually find each other.
[As] a result, they were more likely to focus on the group's collective objectives and be persuaded by messages and proposals that highlighted group benefits rather than benefits to any one individual.
[As] a result, people were more responsive and reacted more favorably to messages and proposals that were self­oriented and that allowed them to elevate their individualism.
[As] consumers, our choices are not entirely our own.
[As] for men, the Republic of Korea and Sweden will rank the first and the second highest, respectively, in life expectancy in the five countries.
"Michael said, "[As] a matter of fact, no," looking at him with a puzzled look.
[As] for "At restaurants," 50% of the 18-29 year olds answer that it is acceptable to use cellphones while 26% of those 65 and older say the same.
[As] soon as the last letter of a sequence had been presented, participants in the study wrote down all six of the letters they had seen, guessing at any letters they couldn't easily recall.
The hunters had followed the mammoths and other large animals eastward from Asia across what is now the Bering Sea.
[As] the nature of sarcasm implies a contradiction between intent and message, nonverbal cues may "leak" and reveal the speaker's true mood as they do in deception.
[As] a result of the decision, these composers and others including music publishers founded a society to enforce and administer their performing rights.
[As] the store clerk and I stood in front of the store scratching our heads, a man in a big pickup truck pulled up in front of us.
[As] I was sitting there stewing, I realized how ridiculous I was being.
[As] a result, it is not possible to predict the outcome of their use.
[As] a special treat, his young granddaughter was allowed to come to the table;.
Assertiveness may seem to some people to be uncharacteristic of counselors.
[As] you wander around, you find a large rock that provides some shelter from the fury of the elements.
[As] there are differing tastes and preferences among different peoples and regions of the world, so do tastes and preferences evolve over the course of centuries.
[As] science moved toward experimentation to prove its theories, tools of measurement became vital.
[As] such, the customer is more receptive to the organization because the messages are anticipated, personal, and relevant.
The primacy effect was documented in a famous study conducted by social psychologist Solomon Asch.
[As] a result, the reform of capitalism entirely depends on an odd-sounding, but critical task: the education of the consumer.
[As] we left the airport, the driver began talking to me; he told me that I was the last of the new students he had to pick up that day.
[As] I am a driving enthusiast myself, we started talking about cars and driving in Dubai and his accounts of driving in Kuching.
[As] he reached my window, I lowered it and tried to force a smile.
[As] a consequence, they make the mistake of designing a process that sets out milestones in the form of activities that must be carried out during the sales cycle.
[As] a matter of fact, one should break away from experience and let the mind wander freely.
[As] a new and preferred story begins to emerge, it is important to assist the child to hold on to, or stay connected to, the new story.
[As] a consequence, I suspect that the number of downloads of any given scientific paper has little relevance to the number of times the entire article has been read from beginning to end.
"[As] the opposite of local networks, cosmopolitan networks offer little solidarity and have little capacity to comfort and sustain members.
[As] historian John Tosh writes, "All the resources of scholarship and all the historian's powers of imagination must be harnessed to the task of bringing the past to life —or resurrecting it.
[As] John Arnold has noted, "The sources do not 'speak for themselves' and never have done so.
[As] a result of sensory-specific satiety, when people consume a variety of foods, they tend to overeat.
[As] an example, in Kenya, farmers are actively encouraged to grow export crops such as tea and coffee at the expense of basic food production.
[As] we invent more species of AI, we will be forced to surrender more of what is supposedly unique about humans.
[As] the writer, you're too close to your own complicated makeup.
[As] Steve arrived home, his dad was proudly waiting for him and said, "Congratulations on the win!
[As] technology and the Internet are a familiar resource for young people, it is logical that they would seek assistance from this source.
The information presented often takes the form of Frequently Asked Questions, fact sheets and suggested links.
[As] you were informed by our staff last week, your short story will be published in the December issue of Novel Flash Fiction.
[As] an architect and professor, she had taught about the historical significance of the bridge to her students for years.
[As] new ways of controlling the environment are achieved, motor development provides the infant with a growing sense of competence and mastery, and it contributes in important ways to the infant's perceptual and cognitive understanding of the world.
[As] significant, the authors found that "credibility ratings associated with stealing thunder directly predicted perceptions of the crisis as less severe."
[As] a result, they shy away from MST, rationalizing that because they are not coaching elite athletes, mental skills training is less important.
[As] athletes move up the competitive ladder, they become more homogeneous in terms of physical skills.
[As] more health care providers entered the market, competition increased among them.
[As] improbable as this may seem, the bodily fluids of aquatic animals show a strongs similarity to oceans, and indeed, most studies of ion balance in freshwater physiology document the complex regulatory mechanisms by which fish, amphibians and invertebrates attempt to maintain an inner ocean in spite of surrounding fresh water.
[As] an example of this, when one of the major high street banks in Britain tried to gain a competitive advantage by opening on Saturday mornings, it attracted a number of new customers who found the traditional Monday-Friday bank opening hours to be a constraint.
[As] a kid, Andrew liked to observe Grandad play chess and often predicted his moves even before he began to move the pieces.
[As] you are well aware, a great tragedy took place in our city last week.
[As] a little girl, she would watch as her mother cut off a small bit from one end of the meat before placing it in the roasting pan.
[As] an adult, she followed the same routine.
[As] a source of plot, character, and dialogue, the novel seemed more suitable.
[As] soon as I open the front door to look outside, they're beside me in a flash, standing expectantly, ready for an adventure.
[As] the water evaporated, the traces of dissolved salts were gradually concentrated in the shrinking lake.
[As] safety features are added to vehicles and roads, drivers feel less vulnerable and tend to take more chances.
[As] the months passed, the chuck grew bigger and bigger.
Tackling prolonged negative place images is crucial for developing tourism in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.
[As] they approached, Grandma heard the woman tell her daughter, "See these flowers?
[As] her name was called, Gabby became more afraid of speaking before a large audience.
Assured, Gabby smiled and started to deliver her speech.
The Purchase Assistant app share decreased by one percentage point from December 2011 to December 2012.
[As] time went on, its scale was reduced, and the project for the tomb was revised again and again.
[As] you remove the spoonful of soup from the pot, it has the same temperature as the larger sample.
[As] long as the family survives, you will have your own place.
[As] a result, thought is taken to be embodied.
[As] an example, take the conceptual category of TREE.
[As] the above study and others of Oettingen's found, positive thinking makes people feel comfortable with their present state.
To Whom It May Concern: [As] a lifelong Springfield resident who has two children attending George May Elementary School, I have spent a lot of time at the Springfield Park both as a youth and as a mother.
[As] part of its strategy for survival, our brain wants to conserve energy, so once we sit in a particular spot and know that it's safe, we will subconsciously want to sit there every time and avoid having to reevaluate the safety of a new spot.
[As] time flows, this structure of fixed past, immediate present and open future gets carried forward in time.
[As] a result of that heightened conceptual fluency, consumers developed a more positive attitude toward the ketchup advertisement.
[As] one author put it, "If you want to have love in your life, you'd better be prepared to tell some lies and to believe some lies."
[As] they swarm and become more tuned in to other locusts around them, their brain size increases by some degrees.
[As] she helped Joan clean up, she tried to think of a way to compensate her for the damage.
Psychologist Solomon Asch wanted to discover whether people's tendency to agree with their peers was stronger than their tendency toward independent thought and rational judgment.
Asch assembled groups of twelve university students and announced that they were taking part in an experiment on visual perception.
However, Asch had secretly instructed all but the last person in each group, who was the real subject of the experiment, to say that the medium-length line was the longest.
[As] it turned out, over 70 percent of the real subjects caved in to group pressure and said that the medium-length line was the longest.
[As] a result, there is little or none of that alienation of young from old so marked in modern industrial societies.
[As] for respondents who mostly purchased Chinese brands, "Good value for money" was the most important consideration.
[As] for the percentage gap between advertising spending and consumer time spent, Radio showed the smallest gap.
[As] people chanted my name, I was carried off the field on the shoulders of my teammates.
[As] a kid, I had visions of being a hero ― a police officer or an astronaut.
[As] a consequence, those people, organizations, and countries that possess the highest-quality information are likely to prosper economically, socially, and politically.
[As] a result, a reliance on schemata will inevitably make the world seem more "normal" than it really is and will make the past seem more "regular" than it actually was.
[As] the timing of inputs and outputs varies greatly depending on the type of energy, there is a strong case to incorporate time when assessing energy alternatives.
[As] a young man, Ehret traveled around Europe, largely on foot, observing plants and developing his artistic skills.
[As] communities became larger, some people had time to reflect and debate.
[As] understanders, we have a list of beliefs, indexed by subject area.
[As] if that was not coincidence enough, more was to follow.
Similar marks and symbols functioning as trademarks have been found on Chinese pottery, possibly dating as far back as 2698 BCE, and in many other ancient societies, including the Egyptians, the Assyrians, and the Vedic civilization.
[As] she sat down, she saw her coffee.
[As] a result, most spent fuel has been stored in the nuclear power plants where it was produced.
[As] a result, it too appears publicly unacceptable.
[As] a result, the availability of transportation infrastructure and services has been considered a fundamental precondition for tourism.
[As] a couple start to form a relationship, they can be seen to develop a set of constructs about their own relationship and, in particular, how it is similar or different to their parents' relationship.
[As] a system for transmitting specific factual information without any distortion or ambiguity, the sign system of honey-bees would probably win easily over human language every time.
[As] for AP & NWP teachers, five percent say that "All / Almost all" of the information found using search engines is accurate or trustworthy, while 28 percent of U.S. adult search users say the same.
[As] we all know, even the best-laid plans can go astray.
[As] essayist Nassim Taleb resolved to do something about the stubborn extra pounds he'd been carrying, he considered taking up various sports.
[As] with the swimmers' bodies, beauty is a factor for selection and not the result.
In 1895, C. Petersen gave a lecture with that title at the general meeting of the Association of the German Dairy Industry in Berlin, which included a comment about the color of margarine.
[As] a result, it can cause us to use the wrong tool.
[As] East Africa's human population grows, Maasai people are subdividing their lands and settling down, for fear of otherwise losing everything.

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