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A절 B절~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, A절~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


1 Many people assert that because this would be too costly, we should continue operating in traditional ways. {빠바유독 2-3}
많은 사람들은 B하기 때문에 A를 주장한다.

2 Many people believe that if you have a good command of the subject to be tested, then test-taking skills and test anxiety will not affect your results. {수만기 1-8}

3 Teachers say that because of the dogs, their students are much more motivated to read. {수만기 2-12}

4 A designer thought that if he could create fonts that have tiny holes in them, he might be able to make more efficient use of the amount of ink used. {영비홍 3-5}

5 It is sometimes said, these days, that while "global warming" is a threat to most peoples and societies on this planet, there will be winners as well as losers. {RPW 9-4}

*명접+ 명접 현상

6 One line of research suggests [that how often you go over material is less critical] than the depth of processing that you engage in. {RPW 12-ex1}