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1. If there is one thing that wvwrybody wants to get, it is success. To be successful does not mean to get riches, honor and power. It is to achieve what one truly desires.

2. The end of study is not to possess knowledge as a man possesses the coins in his wallet, but to make knowledge a part of ourselves; that is, to turn knowledge into though, as te food we eat is turned into the life-giving and nerve-nourishing blood.

3. Spring is a delightful season. Everyone longs to get outside and enjoy the new season. Many people find it hard to concentrate on their work, and Americans jokingly refer to this condition as "spring fever".

4. If you really want to succeed in anything, you must make a good start. It is absolutely necessary to think  over what to do first and what to do later, for without planning nothing is likely to happen as one hopes.

5. Intelligence means a way of living in various situations, particularly a way of behaving in new, perplexing ones. The true test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we do not know what to do.

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31. Many people encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions.

32. Many people regard the current compulsory education system as being obsolete.
* obsolete = out-of-date, dated, old-fashioned (↔up-to-date, modern)

33. As soon as he graduated from Seoul University, he took over his family's business.

34. I am determined to make a living as a playwright at all costs.

35. You should make the most of this rare opportunity to demonstrate your talent.

36. The audience was impressed by his eloquent lecture.
*eloquent=artculate, persuasive)

37. He accumulated a tremendous fortune dring the postwar era.
*accumulate(=gather, collect)

38.  He used to be well off and generuos.
*well off(=well-to-do, 삶이 풍요로운)

39. You cannot escape from today's harsh realities, so you must adapt to them.
*harsh(=tough, severe)

40. It's optimistic of you to believe that things wil work out. At best there's fifty-fifty chance.
*at best(=not more than)

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1. succeed

● Marketing is very important to succeed in business.

2. fail

● Even if you fail, there's always another chance.

3. enter

● I watched my mother enter the kitchen.

4. graduate

● After I graduated from college, I became a political reporter.

5. achieve

● Women have made dramatic progress in achieving political equality.

6. accomplish

● Despite his physical handicap, he accomplished many scientific discoveries.

7. fulfill

● It is dangerous to fulfill only our own needs with no thought to future generations.

8. attain

● Other crime writers have never attained the considerable popularity of Conan Doyle's hero.

9. perform

● Doctors decided to perform a second operation.

10. advance

● Reading enriches and advances the children's inner powers.

11. found

● The first European university was founded in Italy in 1119.

12. establish

● Cooperative relations have been established between Korea and America after World War Ⅱ.

13. organize

● Organize information into a graph.

14. compose

● All matter is composed of atoms.

15. constitute

● At the time of the revolution, women constituted 25 percent of the armed forces.

16. allow

● Not all countries allow free speech in newspapers.

17. permit

● The fatalities of 1985 must not be permitted to occur again.

18. accept

● Galileo was not content to accept ideas without verifying them with experiments.

19. admit

● No one likes to admit he is wrong.

20. recognize

● I didn't recognize you when you first came in.

21. notice

● I noticed one curious thing about him.

22. respect

● Not all politicians are respected as a leader.

23. praise

● She praised her children at every opportunity.

24. admire

● Lincoln has been admired as a great president.

25. worship

● In many ancient cultures, people worshipped a sun-god.

26. appreciate

● I really appreciate your kindness.

27. impress

● He was impressed by how the city's residents rallied to assist those in trouble.

28. regard

● The patient-doctor relationship is regarded as the cornerstone of medical care.

29. reward

● I wish to reward the volunteers for their services and courage.

30. congratulate

● Though there was no prize for second place, the defeated athlete congratulated the victor.

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