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BE동사의 뒷구조를 잘 살펴보면 큰 깨달음을 얻을 수 있어요.


먼저 문장을 잘 살펴보세요.

문법탐구 2019 블루티쳐 북 문법 교재

  1. The third match proved to [be] more difficult, but after some time, his opponent became impatient and charged;.

  2. On the way home, after reviewing all the matches he had, he summoned the courage to ask what [was] on his mind.

  3. Acoustic concerns in school libraries [are] much more important and complex today than they [were] in the past.

  4. Yet the physicist will point out that the friction on the marble [is] so small that its effect [is] negligible.

  5. "But even if I could call my husband," I said, "he can't bring me his car key, since this [is] our only car.

  6. Jemison [was] born in Decatur, Alabama, and moved to Chicago with her family when she [was] three years old.

  7. However, some wild mushrooms [are] dangerous, leading people to lose their lives due to mushroom poisoning.

  8. The reality [is] that although you [are] free to choose, you can't choose the consequences of your choices.

  9. They advertise their products in a vacuum and [are] disappointed when their messages fail to get through.

  10. If the baker has no need or desire for eggs, then the farmer [is] out of luck and does not get any bread.

문법탐구 2019 블루티쳐 북 문법 교재

  1. What kept all of these people going when things [were] going badly [was] their passion for their subject.

  2. Just like the expert engineer tapping the boiler, effective change does not have to [be] time-consuming.

  3. It [was] only when Newton placed a second prism in the path of the spectrum that he found something new.

  4. The old habit's well-practiced performance [is] beating our conscious desire for change into submission.

  5. "Late in the night, Garnet had a feeling that something she had been waiting for [was] about to happen.

  6. Of the many forest plants that can cause poisoning, wild mushrooms may [be] among the most dangerous.

  7. That took so long that by the time I [was] finished, the front yard [was] too high to mow, and so on.

  8. I let out a terrifying scream that could [be] heard all the way down the block, but nobody answered!

  9. The scientific study of the physical characteristics of colors can [be] traced back to Isaac Newton.

  10. "It's as if they [are] afraid to do anything that might make them fail and lose your high appraisal.


일반화 해보면,


1. be 형용사

2. be among(전치사)

3. be of(전치사)

4. be ving(진행형/동명사)

5. be ved(수동태/분사)

6. be pp(수동태)

7. be about to v x


간단히 설명해보면,


1. be 형용사

be imporant 중요하다

be happy  행복하다



2. be among(전치사)

~중에 있다


3. be of(전치사)

ex) be of imporance

    = be important (중요한)


4. be ving(진행형/동명사/be+감정분사)

I am running on the ground. ~하는 중이다

My hobby is watching movies. ~하는 것이다.

This chair is relaxing. ~한다.


5. be ved(수동태/be+감정분사)

This car is fixed by him.

I am relaxed by the movie.


6. be pp(수동태)


7. be about to v x

Late in the night, Garnet had a feeling that something she had been waiting for [was] about to happen.

막 ~하려하다.

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